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Monday, April 6
Frank-Thorsten Krell, PhD
Department of Zoology, Denver Museum of Nature & Science;

The impressive fossil record of scarab beetles

Frank Krell Because of their hard exoskeleton, beetles are easily fossilized. However, with a body completely covered in a thick shell, beetle fossils are often not more than a dark patch without much detail. It needs extraordinary preservation with details of legs, hind wings and antennae being visible, to identify beetle fossils to family or even describe a fossil species; and yet, well over 1000 specimens of scarab fossils have been identified with over 250 species being described. Here I will present yet unpublished fossils from my own studies, from Mesozoic Lebanese and Burmese amber and Chinese Jehol fossils, to spectacular color preservation in specimens from Eocene Messel, to Baltic amber and lastly Pleistocene dung beetles from Snowmass. You will be amongst the first to see pictures of these spectacular specimens.

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