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Tuesday,September 6, 2016

Speaker: Dr. Nicole Peavey, the Colorado Department of Transportation Staff Paleontologist
An Introduction to Colorado's Transportation Paleontology Program

When Nicole Peavey, the Colorado Department of Transportation Staff Paleontologist, tells friends and family what she does, the most common response is "Cool!" and the second most common response is "Why does CDOT need a paleontologist?" Of course, Colorado's combination of high-relief terrain and fossil-rich rock formations create an excellent environment for fossil recovery in its roadsides. But odd combinations of state and federal regulations, along with the relative youth of the field of mitigation paleontology, can create confusion about paleontology's place in environmental policy. State and federal agencies, road maintenance crews, museum specialists, and avocational paleo enthusiasts all have a role to play in protecting and preserving Colorado's fossils.

Dr. Nicole Peavey took over the Paleontological Resources program at the Colorado Department of Transportation in late 2013, only a few weeks after defending her dissertation on late Silurian and early Devonian conodonts--none of which occur in Colorado! (Fortunately she loves learning new things!) She obtained her PhD from Texas Tech University, her Master's degree from Fort Hays State University, and her Bachelor's from Whitman College. When not immersed in paleontology, Nicole spends time with her husband and their retired greyhound, practices Aikido, and reads anything from biographies to comic books.

New Entrance Directive
Evening programs in Ricketson Auditorium is through the staff and volunteer entrance only located east of the main entry doors. At the sub-post mention that you will be attending the WIPS meeting. Find your way to the Space Odessey exhibit (ask the sub-post guard), go through the exhibit and you will reach the auditorium. If you arrive early, please help with setting up tables for the meeting. Sign the check-in sheet to qualify for the door prize!No food or drinks allowed.