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Monday, February 2
Todd Green - Bringing Life to Paleontology

EmuSynopsis: Paleontology is not a dead science. Sure, the vast majority of species in the fossil record are, but our understanding of those extinct organisms stems from knowledge of living animals. Today, technological advances like CT-scanning, genetic analysis, and isotope recognition have given paleontology a new dimension. Todd Green is interested in both zoology and paleontology, but more specifically how the two fields interrelate. Green has spent most of his research career working with ratites (e.g. emus, cassowaries, ostriches, rheas, kiwis). Their ancestry with theropod dinosaurs, as well as anatomical similarities make ratite birds excellent modern analogs. Come learn how dinosaur growth rates led Todd to a career with one foot in the past, and another in the present.

About the Speaker: Todd Green joined WIPS at the age of eight, and has since gone on to explore careers in biology, paleontology, education, writing, and art. Todd received a Master's Degree in Zoology from Colorado State University and studied the anatomy and physiology of emus. Flightless birds are one of his biggest passions, and along with his lab research, Todd enjoys working hands on with these powerful and fascinating birds. He is currently an Earth Sciences Department Associate at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and also teaches classes in anatomy, osteology, and zoology for Adult Programs. Todd is a staff writer for Emu Today & Tomorrow Magazine, and is in the process of writing a novel about his experiences in science. He also articulates modern animal skeletons for his company Osteosaur

Photo credit: Wilson C. Puryear

New Entrance Directive
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