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The Western Interior Paleontological Society (WIPS)

is a nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific, educational and charitable activities related to paleontology, the study of fossils. 

The mailing address is

Western Interior Paleontological Society
P.O. Box 200011
Denver, Colorado 80220-0011

Our members find, study and preserve fossils from times long past, and are involved in many aspects of the earth sciences. Founded in 1985, WIPS is based in Denver, Colorado, and currently has over 500 members throughout the United States and in some foreign countries.

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in paleontology. The Society currently has two membership categories—individual is $25/year and family is $30/year. Members receive an electronic newsletter.

Monthly Programs

Meetings are held the first Monday of the month from September to May at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, with the exception of a December holiday auction, which is held on a Saturday. Meetings feature a presentation on some aspect of paleontology and give members an opportunity to learn about current and historical developments.


Palaeontologia Electronica

WIPS is a sponsor of Palaeontologia Electronica, an open-access, peer-reviewed paleontological journal, published online three times a year.

Trilobite Tales Newsletter

Our newsletter is published nine months a year (September through May) and is 15 to 25 pages devoted to paleontology and news for members. Archival issues (2000 to present) are available in the Members Only area.

Field Trips and Volunteer Activities

Field trips to study and recover fossils take place primarily in the summer months, and offer opportunities for members with varying levels of experience and expertise. Volunteer opportunities, such as our current project cataloguing the collections at the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum, are also available.

Symposium, Education & Outreach

Every other year, WIPS presents the Founders Symposium. The Society also offers classes on paleontology and related subjects. WIPS members share their knowledge of paleontology through activities such as a Fossil Club forKids, and participation in the area mineral shows and events.

Grant & Scholarships

Monies set aside from proceeds at our auctions and symposia fund an annual grant and scholarship program for members. Grants.


Mission Statement

The Society's bylaws state that "Our mission shall be scientific, educational, and charitable and shall provide educational programs in paleontology and related disciplines. Field trips, lectures, seminars, and science-related activities are available. Responsible codes of conduct in the exploration for and collection of fossils are required for assisting museums, educational institutions and cooperating with government authorities on state and federal lands." Bylaws

Code of Ethics

Members of the Western Interior Paleontological Society will:

  1. Conduct themselves with a positive attitude toward each member of the Society, it’s officers and organizations with which we interact.
  2. Stay informed and comply with all Federal, State and Local regulations pertaining to collection policies, practices and regulations.
  3. Obtain permission from private landowners or governmental agencies prior to collecting on lands either as an individual or as a WIPS member.
  4. Assure that all land and property is left without damage and litter.
  5. Cooperate with field trip leaders and be responsible as a parent or sponsor during field trips and meetings.
  6. Strive to adequately identify and label locality, age and formation of specimens collected.
  7. Report to proper authorities any discovery of scientific or public interest and allow specimens to be studied for scientific purposes.