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Baculite Mesa 2017

Description: Now entering its second quarter century, this is one of the oldest WIPS field trips, and certainly the oldest continuous one. Nearly 100 years before WIPS first Baculite Mesa field trip, Karl Grove Gilbert was collecting Baculites scotti (in 1893) just south of what is now the primary landowner's house.

Late Cretaceous Pierre Shale is most of what we're after, though occasionally some Tertiary sediments may be seen of the type which produced some Miocene camel material in the 1950's. Baculites galore, Placerenticerids, Didymocerids, Exitelorocerids, Menuites oralesis, scaphetids, fossil wood, corals, Inoceramid and Cataceramid fossil clams, gastropods (some undescribed), unique echinoids, and even mosasaur bones have been recovered over the years. A new species of crab from the Mesa has been described (2016) and published in Acta Geologica Polonica, an excellent Polish paleo journal, and was named after Trick Runions, one of our regular participants who discovered it. I can provide copies if asked.
In 2013, AMNH (NY, NY) did some original research there with some WIPS members and grad students. We have tried to keep all this from intruding on our fun, but science is relentless...

A letter will be sent with details to participants about a week in advance of the trip, and there is a field guide offered as well on May 20.

Collecting? Of course, though we encourage the unusual to be submitted for review by some evil scientists (which might make you famous, like Trick).

Difficulty varies as to site; about 2-3 with some steep slopes. Hand tools should suffice.

Join us mainly to enjoy.

Field Trip Leader (every year since inception in 1990)
Malcolm Bedell

About 100 miles south of Denver.
Location: Near Pueblo, Colorado
Status: Waiting for approval
Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017
Priority: 5-Medium
Access: Public
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Created by: Malcolm Bedell
Updated: Monday, April 3, 2017 3:14am GMT

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