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Sunday, May 14, 2017
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  Category: Field TripsOverton Road 2017
Last year, after several years of discussions with landowners and experimental "probes" into the area, we ran a second field trip closely related to, and in the general area of, Baculite Mesa. The geology and paleontology are much the same, with an emphasis on Menuites oralensis ammonites, though some animals were found which have not been seen elsewhere in the vicinity. In fact, a great deal of interesting material turned up. This site is exclusively for WIPS, so has not been perused by other groups. Also, the landowners controlling it are not the same ones controlling many areas we have visited in the past, so we really must run a separate trip to this site. You might think of it as "Baculite Mesa II," perhaps giving a chance to some people who, for scheduling reasons, might not be able to make the primary Baculite Mesa field trip. Unlike hilly B. Mesa, the Overton Road area is a series of deep arroyos, some of them covered in dense undergrowth at their bottoms (watch for snakes - though we only saw one last year). They tend to get well-eroded by rain and melting snow, which had already been plentiful in the area by early April. Of course, this can mean many new fossils. Details as to what is required to participate would be about the same as those for B. Mesa proper, with the exception that there are no tall slopes to climb, and one really needs to stick with the field trip leader in order to not get lost on the way. A letter will be sent out about a week before the event with details as to where to meet, etc. By strict order of the landowners, I may not bring more than 10 people at a time. So, once the sign-up is full, I will have to cut it off (though waiting lists are always ketp against cancellations). Field Trip Leader: Malcolm Bedell

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